The Ignition Project

Liz Ellis

Your business & social handles…

Liz Ellis Pty Limited


My daily must do’s….

Play with my daughter, kiss my husband and tell them both that I love them (sounds corny, but its true!)


Also … collect the eggs from my chooks!

Most used phone app…

Google Maps, Twitter, Beanhunter

Something on your bucket list…

I don’t have a bucket list, but my current daydream is to go on a family holiday across the United States in a Winnebago.

Can’t live without make up/beauty products…

Lemon Myrtle Soap. Since I had my daughter and moved to our farm I have gradually simplified makeup/beauty products to the point where I barely use them. I want my daughter to understand that beauty comes from within, not from a bottle or tube.

A strength of mine…

Optimism. I tend to look for the upside. It keeps me going when the downside might stop me in my tracks.

I always avoid…

Negative people

Fav Insta/Twitter account you follow?

@NYT … I love New York, and reading the occasional story in the NYT makes me feel more sophisticated than I actually am!

What advice would you tell your 18 year old self…

Get a mentor.

Recipe for success – Your 3 main ingredients?

Persistance, determination and an unswerving belief in yourself.

Your personal indulgence or obsession?

My vegetable garden. I love to spend time in it – it calms me, and I am a bit obsessive about trying to grow all of the food we need.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

I have received lots of advice over the years, but the best bit of advice I got was about the advice itself – always understand the motives of the person giving you advice.

Your game changing moment?

The moment I realized law wasn’t my passion and netball was. I decided to follow my passion, and find a way to make it pay the bills.

Books on your nightstand?

Energy Medicine for Women

Wolf Hall (I love historical novels)

Biggest myth about success busted…

That there is such a thing as overnight success. Success is not sudden.

A secret about my journey to share…

I have been at my happiest when I have followed my passion. Understanding that and learning not to be scared of the financial implications of that have allowed me to gradullay build a career doing what I love.