The Ignition Project

Bianca Dye

Your business and socials…

Im a Radio & TV Presenter –Author – keynote speaker- social commentator- Im also a proud  Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia / The Orangutan Project / Greenacres Disabilty Services


@biancadye & @anxietyfree my other page to inspire others who get anxiety like I do…

My daily must do’s….

Meditation – a one hour walk if possible – update my social media accounts- practice gratitude – be AWESOME! lol

Most used phone app…

Instagram – diptic –

Something on your bucket list…

Sooo much!? 2 out of my 100? To fly in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia in Turkey & to drive a Van around Australia interviewing fascinating people who have gone off the grid & are doing amazing inspiring things & share their stories online..

Can’t live without make up/beauty products…

My Enzyme Therapy by DMK & botox from @skincorrectives (

A strength of mine…

My passion for helping end the stigma towards Mental Health – im doing this through my Insta page @anxietyfree – its grown so fast & I get wonderful feedback– the plan is to make this huge! A webpage – a doco! The works! Aim for the stars!

I always avoid…

Negative People that bring down my vibe.  “small talk”. Cleaning lol

Fav Insta/Twitter account you follow?

So many?! That’s so hard to choose? Can I have top 3?? LOL

1. @crunchy – one of my besties has this account & it follows the crazy life of her 2 ADORABLE & HILARIOUS Griffen dogs that im in love with…

2. @hayhouseaustralia – so inspired by the authors – one day I will be a hayhouse bestseller


What advice would you tell your 18 year old self…

BELIEVE in your talent you silly girl – stop shagging assholes- & try for babies much much earlier – please..

Recipe for success – Your 3 main ingredients?

SHOW UP – JFDI – have a PLAN

Your personal indulgence or obsession?

Ben & Jerrys CLUSTERFLUFF will change your life & grow that ass L LOL plus I cant see a movie without popcorn $ maltesers ( eaten at same time!!)- SPAG BOL from Pelligrinis in Melbourne City

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Reading the life changing book ASK & IT IS GIVEN by Esther & Jerry Hicks ( the law of attraction stuff)  it is working in my life again as we speak – it is SO POWERFUL!!)

Your game changing moment?

Realizing I wasn’t using half of what I am capable of or being supported in an old job & realising it was time to leave… I feel so free… and happy for the first time in years!

Books on your nightstand?

SO MANY! Light Is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell. GAMECHANGER! – Daring & Disruptive by Lisa Messenger – Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver –  YES PLEASE! By Amy Poehler – Spirit Junkie by Gabby Bernstein  – I have about 7 books waiting to be read at any one time – I DEVOUR books that’s inspire me ….

Biggest myth about success busted…

Where do I start?!

A secret about my journey to share…

I have just as many insecure moments as anyone – I think people who are real & honest & share the highs & lows are the ones to admire – for every fabulous day there will a shitload of crap ones & you have roll with the punches as my old man would say – he was right!