The Ignition Project

Firing up your career & life success

The Ignition Project is a 4 week, interactive online program that teaches smart & savvy strategies to women keen to put the fluff to the side and work through themes that are actually important for real career & life success.

It's the brainchild of Bianca Chatfield (Former Australian Diamonds Netballer & Melbourne Vixens Captain, Leadership Coach) and
Leigh Russell (Consultant & High Performance Coach, Foxtel's Mind Coach on The Recruit)

This super exciting, fresh-as-a-daisy ecourse has been written for you.

(Well, you if you can relate to any of these things):

You are a young woman (OR a woman young at heart – we truly think this program relates to all stages and ages in life but we understand how important it is for women starting out to have great info, feel supported and get on their way).

You are curious about who you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there, and would like to explore REAL issues and REAL strategies that will prod your thinking, give you food for thought, challenge some of your habits and be surrounded by likeminded women while you are doing it.

You want to think about the stuff that will have an impact on you and your career, both now and in the future (and if you haven't started a career yet, even better. We wished we knew about how important these themes are when we were starting out).

You might worry a bit about the future – what am I going to do? What am I REALLY passionate about? How do I turn that passion into something that pays the bills?

You are up for a coaching adventure with Bianca & Leigh who have combined their many different experiences, inspirations, successes & failures – and most importantly passion for helping people become high performing leaders in life, career and business.

Sound like you? We would love you to be part of The Ignition Project!


Your investment:

Click on the box above to start the program at any time. Why don't you do it with a friend?

But importantly: if what we have said doesn't speak to you, please don’t waste your time or money! We don’t do Negative Nelly’s, tyre kickers, naysayers or time wasters. We want to build a community of Igniters – women that want to live life not from an armchair watching the spectacle, but from where the action is.


What you can expect from the program:

WhatYouCanExpectAs part of The Ignition Project you will be able to:
// Work on something (big or small) each day that will make a difference to you - and your future self.
// Themes with plenty of tips & tricks, support and challenge. Think of it as boot camp for the mind.
// Reflect on what is really important to you, and gain some real, practical strategies that you can implement in your life straight away.
// Be inspired and get support, awesome mentoring & ideas from others.

But the most important thing…

Actually spend time on stuff that matters -
The things that make a difference. It's your investment into YOU.

So much of our lives are taken up with the things we have to ‘do’, that most of us go from week to week, month to month, never really thinking about the things that will enable us to have greater impact professionally & personally:

Who am I? What do I value? What sort of life & career do I want to build?
What is my leadership style? How does that impact others?
What are my strengths and opportunities for growth?
How do I give feedback? What do I do when I get feedback?
What are the things that are holding me back?
Even better than that, what the bloody hell am I going to do about it?
How do I manage my study / career / business?
How do I develop a game plan and stick to it?

What you will get:

A online, totally engaging program that will cover the real big and small themes in building a life & career you love. Each jam packed with relevant & real info, strategies and challenges for you to try;

Snappy & real videos from Bianca & Leigh sharing their stories and experiences to inform & inspire you;

Access to ‘Rocket Fuel’– full of extra tips, tricks and links that will help to go deeper on the content if something has sparked your curiosity to learn more;

The Ignition Project (MBG) Planner PDF, which you will be able to use to think about all the themes we raise in the project and for beyond to help you define your goals and action plan. The TIP planner is not your normal pedestrian planner – it asks the RIGHT questions so you can get great OUTCOMES for your life & career.

Meet your hosts...

Leigh Russell

Leigh is a straight talking, creative thinking, no nonsense kind of person with a core purpose – to help people to create careers, businesses and lives with meaning.

She uses the lessons she has learnt across a whole swagger of environments (experiences as diverse as working with senior AFL coaches in the pressure cooker of the coaches box… teaching teenagers… CEO life… public speaking…motherhood…working with some of Australia’s top athletes…serving as a director of various companies), as well as her qualifications in the arts, business, counselling and teaching to create bespoke solutions to impact and inspire.

Leigh’s unique style has seen her become a sought after speaker and Director on a number of boards. She empowers people to take charge of their success path with a mix of proven strategies, and infuses everything she does with her strengths, values, humour and drive.

Bianca Chatfield

Bianca is a champion netballer who has represented Australia since 2001, including Commonwealth Games (winning gold in 2014!), World Championships and countless premierships with the Melbourne Vixens – her home club. She retired from on court life in 2015.

Known for her strength and courage as a leader (former Vixens Captain and former Diamonds Vice Captain) Bianca has developed a deep understanding of the importance of staying true to yourself whilst empowering those within the team to maximise their potential.

Her road to success hasn’t always been smooth sailing, figuring out the need to embrace her competitiveness, love of a challenge, and persistence to get where she has wanted in life. Always believing that we all have choices and opportunities in front of us and if you focus on what you can control and surround yourself with positive, uplifiting people anything is possible.


What do other people think of The Ignition Project?

Love, love, love The Ignition Project!  It’s life changing.  An absolute must for every chick wanting to attract true happiness and satisfaction into their life and start heading in the right direction... 

This will kick start your career and help you succeed in all that life has to offer...truly inspirational. Thank you so much Leigh and Bianca - you girls rock!!!

Sally – TV Makeup & Hair Artist

I loved the project. It has become my 'go to' when I feel like life is slipping in the wrong direction. I have just started reading through my emails again for the third time, as it is s great support that I find I can apply to all aspects of my life, not only career but friendships, relationships and teaching my children important mind sets that they can apply to their lives as well. Thanks ladies. You impacted greatly on me. 

Rachel – Health Industry Administrator & Mum

This project has come at exactly the right time for me – there are big, scary, changes happening in my company at the moment which involve myself directly and so many of things covered I have actually been able to put into use.

I’ve put learning’s about fear to use (what is the worst that can happen), I’ve practiced mindfulness (now on a daily basis), I’ve been thrown a curve ball and dealt with it, I’ve decided on my brand – deciding on a few tweaks, and I’ve sought honest feedback from someone I respect and trust.

Thank you both for your time and for putting this project together. The timing couldn’t have been better for me but regardless of that the things I have read, watched, and learnt have been invaluable and I know that I will be practicing / thinking about these things for the rest of my career / life.

Emma, Hotel Manager

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I have been for this Q & A and how much this project has come around at such a perfect time for me. I too want to say thank you for putting together such a diverse program that over a short span of time has covered so much.
Each day something has resonated with me, to remind me what  I need to continue doing and what I need to start thinking about. So often I think I need to be doing more to get to where I want to be that I have forgotten what that taking time out is. I am keen to learn more and be the best I can be!


I loved The Ignition Project!  I found the leadership & both Bianca & Leigh very inspiring and ended up scribbling pages and pages about things I admire in other leaders, once I had done all that, I really started picking apart the qualities that I wanted to have as a leader and how I was going to tackle my own personal leadership journey. As a young female, this is something I have always struggled with but now I feel like I have a couple of tools to really make a go of it and for the first time in a long time, I am really excited about what the future holds.


I really enjoyed The Ignition Project and have started applying the tips (even positive thinking and pattern behaviours) and already have noticed a difference.

Michelle – Strategy Manager

We decided to join the Ignition Project as a team at Tennis Victoria.  Not only did the content help me to rethink and prioritise what was important to myself and my career, but having a team of fellow igniters working in the same office resulted in the support, stimulating discussion and commitment I needed to help keep me focused and on track.  We are now continuing our igniters catch ups and revisiting the material to ensure none of our learnings are lost.

Tennis Victoria Igniters

I am a busy mum, with two children and also a business owner.   I am generally a positive person, but at the beginning of this year I was struggling to find balance.  I was overwhelmed and feeling pulled in too many directions.   When I signed up for The Ignition Project, I was looking for help to clear my mind, energise myself, and get the most out of each day. 

For me, The Ignition Project was like a breath of fresh air.  It was like having breakfast with a mentor / best friend every morning.   I found myself really embracing the messages and taking them on like my own personal mantra.  I absolutely loved the positivity that flowed through each message and soon found myself waking up earlier, excited to read my daily feed from Bianca and Leigh.   I looked forward to the daily goals and the progress I felt after working through each day’s challenge.  Now that I have arrived at the end of the program, I have taken away life lessons that are helping me to make every moment count.  I have eliminated negative influences in my life, and been able to really identify what is important to me and how to achieve it.  I was hoping the program wouldn’t come to an end, and wanted to hear more and more! Thank you Ignition Project!!

Lisa, Business Owner, Accountant & Mum

I really enjoyed The Ignition Project, and it came at a good time for me. Even though I wasn't able to read and take action every day, knowing the emails were there meant I could come back to it when I had enough time and headspace. The daily emails were jam packed with relevant and helpful insights which prompted me to reflect on my own experiences or situations. This is a no BS approach from two women who have been through it before, they know what it's like, and are genuinely keen to help other women see their true potential. Thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Jane, Entrepreneur

What I love about the program is the day to day positivity it’s brought – I think fear and doubt are half the issues, mixed with a negative mindset and we’re in trouble. So true, how important a clear mind changes behaviour, and behaviour can then change action. Awesome also to see people so honest about where they’re at in the Igniters Forum, it gives great support & inspiration to know we are all in it together!

Shelley, Public Health Manager

The Ignition Project has enabled me to take a step back and look at the big picture – what can I do to improve my ability to succeed in not only my work but all aspects of life. I have enjoyed reflecting on the topics at my own pace and the wider reading provided in the Rocket Fuel each week. Thank you Leigh and Bianca for developing such an amazing program.

Meghan – Sports Administrator

Taking the time out to reassess my career path and personal development was invaluable. Leigh and Bianca’s passion for personal development and self-reflection was infectious and motivating.   The course material and related tasks challenged my habits and the way I thought, but were also meaningful and enjoyable.  Even though the course content was delivered daily, the course structure allowed you to follow the readings and tasks at your own pace. I would highly recommend The Ignition Project to anyone looking for assistance with their career or personal development.

Erin – Sports Administrator

Was a great way to start the day with an inspiring email to get me thinking about the things I put in the "later" pile. As someone who let's fear get the better of me, I particularly loved hearing Leigh and Bianca's experience and how to push through even when it's bloody scary!

Well worth the investment for ladies who inspire to be perfectly imperfect. 

Natalie – Work Cover Manager

TIP has been a unique PD opportunity in that I have been able to fit it into my busy schedule. It's great to have a program that provides great resources and knowledge and be able to tap into it when you can. The personalized stories add great value and the topics covered were very relevant to my career development currently. It has also been great to connect with like minded women from both within and outside my current industry and I look forward to meeting some of the people in the Melbourne program in a the coming weeks. (We have organised a get together in the city!)"

Mel – Commercial Partners Manger

TIP has been a unique PD opportunity in that I have been able to fit it into my busy schedule. It's great to have a program that provides great resources and knowledge and be able to tap into it when you can. The personalized stories add great value and the topics covered were very relevant to my career development currently. It has also been great to connect with like minded women from both within and outside my current industry and I look forward to meeting some of the people in the Melbourne program in a the coming weeks.

Melanie – Sports Administrator



Q&A’s we think you might ask… Here are the answers ahead of time!

Will I have time to do it?

The Ignition Project starts when you are ready to go, and runs for 4 weeks (if you log in each day and tackle a new theme). In each different part, we will ask you to do something that you can usually complete in 15mins or less. Although, you might want to expand the time you spend – as always, you only get out of it what you put in to it!  Prioritising the project, amongst the other million things you have to do is a skill in itself. And we are totally backing you can do that for a month.


I don’t have the money to invest right now...

Investment in yourself is critical to life & career success – in fact, it is the way to ignite your future (pardon the pun). We have tried to make it an affordable price point for most people.

Besides, imagine how much money you have spent on rubbish in the past – we think The Ignition Project is worth its weight in gold (and so do our previous participants - check out some of our praise above!). The question really is – can you afford to not do it?


Aren't The Ignition Project topics just common sense?

The truth is that the stuff we think matters to careers is most definitely not taught in schools or uni. Most of the time you have to wait years in a workplace to prove yourself before leadership & development programs may even touch on these themes.

So it’s not a matter of brains – we see highly intelligent women all the time not consider the issues that The Ignition Project addresses. And like everything, there might be some things you get more out of than others, we are absolutely sure that there will be one or two gems in our project that will get you thinking.


How does The Ignition Project work?

We have developed content around 4 of the big life & career themes to inspire you:

Section 1 - MIND GAMES
Section 4 - NAILING IT 

Once you sign up, you complete the program in your own time (but it is designed to do over 4 weeks to maximise your learning).

Plus our daily content, you will have access to our ‘Rocket Fuel’ list for each section, full of extra links, ideas and inspiration for you, based on the topics you have been working through each week.

You will also get The Ignition Project Planner PDF (worth $19.95) to keep, helping you to work through the big themes and get a focused action plan in place.


I’m still not sure it is for me...

If you are asking this question, we suggest you sign up immediately. There is only one way to find out! Even if you pick up only one or two gems (but we are backing ourselves and think you will pick up waaay more than that) over the 4 week timeframe, they might just be the things that will help you succeed.


Your investment:

Click on the box to get going - you got this!